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Monday 25th May

Albert, a former patent clerk, was surprised that his most-cited paper became so popular! When did he write this paper?"

Friday 22nd May

One of the founders of the Woman’s Sports Foundation defeated a man in a match of the sport she played. What was this match called?

Thursday 21st May

A statue of the Titan god of the sun once stood at the harbour of an ancient city. His architect was the student of which famous sculptor?

Wednesday 20th May

Percy is visiting the European city with the highest mileage of canals in the world. He is standing in ‘Pigeon Park’, which train station is he next to?

Tuesday 19th May

Susan is on holiday in Northern Ireland and takes a tour of a gaol. How many years has it been since an inmate walked these corridors?

Monday 18th May

Which natural element powered this house during the 19th century?

Friday 15th May

Homer’s first epic poem tells the story of which war?

Thursday 14th May

Julie is near the city of Xi'an looking at the 兵马俑. What is the average height of these warriors?

Wednesday 13th May

Mark gets off the London Underground and sees this image before visiting a nearby tourist attraction. What is on the ceiling in the Secret Command Centre?

Tuesday 12th May

This creature shares the name of a popular search engine. When was the book it appears in originally published?

Monday 11th May

How many days was Great Britain involved in WWII?

Friday 8th May

How many days after this photo was taken did World War II officially end?

Thursday 7th May

James once flew from London to New York in less than 2 hours 53 minutes. What was the top speed that his aircraft travelled?

Monday 23rd March

Andrew (an adult) goes to see the Crown Jewels and then decides to get on a boat, travelling one stop. What is the minimum number of coins he needs to pay for his journey?

Tuesday 24th March

Ben decides to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Can Pyramid using 200g Pringle Tubes. He buys the minimum number or required tubes to break the record, how many individual Pringle crisps has he purchased?

Wednesday 25th March

How many bikes are in the original Google Worldwide Headquarters?

Thursday 26th March

Jess is a Game of Thrones fan but she is currently viewing a different Night Watch. What is the value of the Roman numeral she sees near the creator's name?

Friday 27th March

Paul and Katie, 'mindmolen' fanatics, have both left at the same time from the same iconic Northeastern point (similar to but not as far as Goliath) in Groningen and are headed to one of the oldest and highest points of the city.
Paul is driving a car and Katie is riding a bicycle. Who will travel the least distance?

Monday 30th March

After arriving Rachel looks at the mural below before going to a nearby park to see a large red sculpture. What shapes make up the sculpture?

Tuesday 31st March

Kev is in a lot of trouble... He needs to get to Marylebone Station and there are three ways for him to move forwards. Where is he?

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