Primary Search Challenge

Monday 25th May

On the last Monday in May the United States has a federal holiday. What was this day previously known as?

Thursday 21st May

How many years was the queen that was rumoured to have an extra finger married to the king of England?

Tuesday 19th May

Cat is standing in the UK’s largest indoor rainforest. What year was it officially opened to the public?

Friday 15th May

Can you solve this riddle?
In the USA, you’ll find me on a head… In the UK, you’ll find an engine under me. What am I?

Wednesday 13th May

Which deity was the largest religious monument in the world dedicated to?

Monday 11th May

Jess is looking at the statues carved by the Rapa Nui people. What is the average weight of these statues?

Thursday 7th May

Dan is staring up at the tallest church in the world. What plaza is he standing in?

Tuesday 5th May

In a classic lullaby, what is the name of the dog?

Friday 1st May

She said, a child, educator, book and writing utensil can each change the world. What is her first name (also part of her book’s title)?

Wednesday 29th April

What is the native country of the world’s largest living lizards?

Friday 22nd May

In which country did the scene below take place?

Wednesday 20th May

How old was the boy king of Egypt when he began his reign?

Monday 18th May

The architect who designed this park also designed which famous basilica?

Thursday 14th May

Which flower did the inventor of the mini skirt use as her logo?

Tuesday 12th May

Where was the ‘lady with the lamp’ stationed during the Crimean War?

Friday 8th May

What are the children dancing around in the painting?

Wednesday 6th May

In which battle was the Celtic queen depicted in this statue defeated?

Monday 4th May

Rachel is paying with pesos for a mango in this country in the Eastern hemisphere. What country is she in?

Thursday 30th April

How long would it take Paul to drive from the most southerly point to the most northerly point in the UK?

Tuesday 28th April

Stuart is watching an old comedy sketch about Spam, he then writes a program using a language named after the team behind the comedy sketch, but who created that programming language?

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